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Flint and steel Woodland shelter Tool work

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Mentoring for Young Males

Using outdoor living skills (including bushcraft) as a vehicle for self-expression and fun, Nicky empowers and inspires a positive outlook in all areas of our lives.

With a focus on:

  • Responsibility
  • Social Skills
  • Creativity
  • Managing Emotions
  • Patience
  • Perspective Taking
  • Trust
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Self/Sensory Awareness

In addition to wilderness skills, such as shelter building, firelighting, navigation, forest/tool skills, other subjects also touched upon include: 

Meteorology, Mathematics, Astronomy, Archeology, Physics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Biology, Geography, Literature, Woodwork, Photography, Ecology, Self-reliance/sufficiency, Philosophy, Problem-solving, Art, Design & Construction, Economics, Cooking, Health & Food Hygiene, Music, Sustainability & Renewable Energy...

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Walk tall, move slow, breathe deep, smile wide...